Abissínia Restaurant

At Abissínia we serve authentic Ethiopian cuisine in a cozy and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the heart of Barcelona, in Gràcia neighborhood, and its charm is indisputable.

The exotic dishes, with meat or vegetables, stand out for the quality and freshness of the produce, simmered in a traditional way, and for a price-quality ratio more than correct.

Our warm atmosphere combined with our attentive and family service ensures a pleasant and rich experience. More than eating and drinking, visiting Abissínia restaurant means a trip, an aesthetic experience, a sharing with friends and family.


It tells the Kebra Nagast, one of the sacred books of Ethiopia, that at the time of Solomon, the Queen of Sheba visited Jerusalem attracted by the wisdom of her King. By her grace and wisdom the Queen of Sheba began to exercise an irresistible attraction to the son of David, who despite his wealth and intelligence could not seduce the beautiful monarch. It was time for his departure to Abyssinia, Solomon managed to get a promise: that in case he took with him some precious property of the kingdom, he would consent in return to lie with him only one night. On the eve of the trip, Solomon offered his guest a dinner of delicious delicacies. Cleverly ordered to season them with plenty of salt and spicy spices. After the desserts, the queen had to drink plenty of water to quench the thirst. How good is the most precious of the kingdom but water! Rotate the promise, the Queen of Saba fulfilled and from that one union was born Menelik I, future king of Abissinia.

Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia, is a country located in the Horn of Africa that has one of the oldest cuisines of humanity. These millenary recipes, today are prepared at Abissínia, a restaurant that is located in Gràcia, the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of Barcelona. Strolling through the neighborhood and eating Abissínia is an invitation to travel with the senses and venture to discover and get to know other cultures. The exotic dishes that are prepared at Abissínia are made with vegetables, fruits, fresh meats and with several spices, in search of combining the five flavors (we do not use chemical flavor enhancers), sight and smell so that the gourmet experiences new sensations and eat healthy (we do not have freezers and no microwaves).

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

- Ethiopia, birthplace of wild coffee (coffea arabica).
- Names such as café, kaffee, kawa or coffee reflect its distant origin: Kaffa, a highland region in southwestern Ethiopia.
- Coffee is called 'buna' in Ethiopia.
- Roasted, ground and served in front of you.

When guests arrive in Abissínia, the Ethiopian coffee ritual lasts for hours. The lady of the house, wrapped in a white dress, light coal fire in a stove and take some incense to set the mood. After placing freshly washed green beans in a skillet over the burning coal. Upgrade a rich smoke, take a brown grains and begin to crackle and crunch. The senses are involved in the ceremony when the lady walks around the room so that the aroma of freshly roasted coffee fills the air. A mortar is on hand to crush the freshly roasted beans. Then the lady poured the coffee powder in a thin neck (jebena) and add hot water. It may be because the ceremony, the seductive fragrances or black liquid served in small cups (sini): Can not find better coffee anywhere in the world. Abissínia is the birthplace of coffee, one of the favorite drinks of humanity.

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Chicken Dorowot


Lamb's Tebs


Menchetabesh de vedella


Aterkek (Peas)







Carrer del Torrent de les Flors 55, 08024 Barcelona.
Tel. 932130785
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Open restaurant: Wednesday to Monday from 13-16hr and from 19-23:30hr.
Restaurant closed: Tuesday.


Metro: Joanic (L4)
Parking: Encarnació, 61
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